We Are Outisan

For far too long, the outdoor industry has been associated with the wild, the distant, the unattainable. A world away for anyone that wants to take their first steps into a new outdoor adventure. We don't believe going outdoors should be complicated, so we decided to do something about it. Whether you're a weekend wildling enjoying a spot of sunshine in your backyard or a natural-born adventurer on your next escapade, we're here to help you enjoy the outdoors in whichever way you like. And sometimes, this even means bringing the outdoors back home. From starry nights in the wild to warm family moments at home, we've got you covered each step of the way. We consider ourselves artisans, crafting an elevated outdoor experience through the versatility and aesthetics of our products. And that's why we are called Outisan — outdoor artisans.

our vision

Make the outdoors accessible to people around the world.

Our Mission

Empower people to take their first steps outside.

We start this journey with camping, one of the most potentially user-friendly and inclusive outdoor activities. Later, we will venture into mountaineering, water sports, fishing, cycling, and more — all with the intention of bringing a new, inclusive outdoor experience to all.


Water Sports



Snow Sports

Our Philosophy

We believe in creating product-driven lifestyle solutions to challenge convention and create a new horizon for outdoor user experiences.

Our Capabilities

The Outisan Lab reflects our commitment to making the outdoors accessible. It's core to our DNA and the meaning behind the Outisan name — fusing together innovative product development and product design to deliver a new, inclusive outdoor experience.

Our Team

We have a global team that blends together the best from the outdoor industry, consumer electronics, and product design. Our group of artisans includes people from all walks of life, from professional outdoor experts and AI wizards all the way to chefs and pilates instructors. It's this unique mix of passion and expertise that brings us all together under one roof, with the aim of delivering new, meaningful outdoor experiences.