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Smart e-Wagon

Born for Outdoor,

and So Much More!

Adding onto the familiar idea of how people use a traditional wagon, Outisan is introducing smartness and creating an “e” category to bring our users a brand new experience.

With an extra oomph from our e-Wagon, it will only require 10% of your body effort when carrying 180 pounds of general equipment, tools or camping gear around. Like e-bikes vs. traditional bikes, our e-Wagon outperforms conventional wagons by considerably advancing in safety, usability and convenience.


Intelligent Adaptive Power Control

All-Terrain, All-Weather, All Action

With a combination of brushless DC motors, gyroscope, motion sensors and advnaced algorithms, our e-Wagon dynamically adjusts the power output to provide a seamlessly assisted motion experience that adapts to your different moving patterns. The Smart Control System also proactively optimizes the wagon movement to various terrain and weather conditions.






A Must-Have for All Occasions

Outisan e-Wagon is a sturdy, reliable, and multi-functional must-have that can help share your load, whatever you do, wherever you go, and whenever you need. Fulfill your leisure and everyday needs with one compact model. 

Designed for outdoor usages and everyday occasions, this e-Wagon is your great companion for camping, shopping, backyard gardening, outdoor filming, beach trips, training preps, and more!


Safety First, Period

Guided by multiple sensors, our e-Wagon will activate breaks and comes to a complete stop either as your hand is lifted off the handlebar or detecting the risk of a rollover.

Simply press and hold on the control button and our e-Wagon easily moves in reverse.


Bigger is Better

With large and bold wheels, our e-Wagon is able to pass through different road conditions.

Inspired by pickups, our e-Wagon has a foldable tailgate for cargos with extra length or in unusual shapes.


Maintenance, Just a Breeze

Easy to Clean: The metal frame is waterproof and can be cleaned with water hose; the fabric interior can be removed and washed by machines.

Easy to Fold: Collapse the e-Wagon with one push and store it away in a small closet or your car trunk. 

Easy to Charge: Detachable battery that can be fully charged in as short as 3 hours at home.

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Beta Test Invites

Super Early Bird Offers

Access to Product Info in Advance

Special Discounts on Future Outisan Products

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*Tested with prototype models in a controlled environment. Outisan e-Wagon only requires 7 lbs of pulling effort (vs. 70 lbs on traditional wagons) when transporting 180 lbs with a fully charged battrey on a dry concrete surface (15° slope).

We appreciate your acknowledgement that product comes with uncertainties in our development phase. Please note that all the latest statistics shown on our website are for illustration purpose only and actual results may vary due to product enhancement, terrain type, weather condition and battery level.

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