e-Wagon Ultra.

Your gear's first-class ticket to adventure

Leave the struggle behind. Outisan e-Wagon Ultra, the world's first electric utility wagon, seamlessly combines practicality and innovation. Glide effortlessly over any terrain with powerful in-wheel motors and a long-lasting battery. Navigate every incline with smart control algorithms that adapt to your movement.

Advanced powertrain for exploration.

Conquer any terrain with dual 55NM in-wheel motors that deliver smooth, quiet power, adapting to different outdoor or daily life scenarios.

Ditch the sweat on slopes.

Effortlessly navigate slopes and conquer inclines of up to 15° with its uphill power assist feature, making hauling up to 200 pounds like a breeze. Save up to 95% of your effort, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature or focus on your tasks without the burden of heavy gear.

Effortless downhill cruising.

Experience worry-free descents with the e-Wagon Ultra. Its motors intelligently control the speed, allowing you to cruise downhill without bearing the full weight on your arms and legs.

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Safety on the road.

With an intuitive activation button beneath the handle, the e-Wagon Ultra ensures seamless motor assistance when pulled. In case of emergencies, release the handle for instant braking or gradual deceleration, preventing potential collisions.

Off-road powerhouse.

Weighing in at 70 pounds, the e-Wagon Ultra embodies high-density rubber front tires and a unique tread pattern that provides superior traction, making it an excellent choice for professionals needing to frequently transport heavy loads over long distances outdoors.

Freedom to travel.

Our detachable battery pack slides on easily, providing 7 miles of effortless power in just 3 hours of quick recharge. With built-in safety features, it keeps you rolling in temperatures from 14°F (-10°C) to 113°F (45°C), ready for your next adventure.

Revolutionary structural design.

With the capacity to endure over 1000 pounds of force during motion, our e-Wagon Ultra effortlessly unfolds and folds in just seconds, and for added convenience, it stands on its own when stored away.

Even more capable.

The foldable tailgate unlocks extra storage up to 270 liters and facilitates easier loading. Plenty of room for long and irregular sized items, it's your ideal companion for diverse activities—whether it's outdoor photography, sports training, music festivals, or any recreational pursuit.

Built to last.

Engineered for the rugged explorer, the e-Wagon Ultra features a reinforced body frame architecture and durable materials designed to endure the most challenging terrains.

Easy maintenance.

Its IP66 waterproof rating ensures resilience in all weather conditions, requiring minimal maintenance with just a swift hose-down. Plus, for added convenience, the interior fabric can be easily removed and machine washed, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Step-on brake.

At the rear, our step-on parking brake system ensures stable positioning and provides a sturdy base for add-ons such as table tops or fishing rod holders, with a simple step to brake and another to release.

Brighten your journey.

Industry-leading 400-lumen front light, illuminating your path even in the darkest conditions. Also, there's a hidden gem in the lighting system waiting to be discovered. Can you find it?

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Product

The Outisan e-Wagon Ultra weighs approximately 70 pounds. This weight reflects its robust construction and dual powerful motors to carry loads up to 200 pounds with ease, making it ideal for demanding, heavy-duty use. We recommend the e-Wagon Ultra for professional settings where you need to frequently transport substantial loads over long distances outdoors. Some examples include:

  • Outdoor Photography: Carry bulky camera gear and lighting equipment.
  • Sports Training: Transport training equipment and supplies across playing fields.
  • Gardening: Move tools, plants, and soil around large properties.
  • Garage DIY: Haul heavy tools, materials and machines for various projects.
  • Small Scale Farming: Transport supplies and small harvests.
  • Boutique Hotels: Assist guests with luggage and move supplies discreetly.
  • And many other outdoor applications, you name it!

The Outisan e-Wagon Ultra is designed to be a versatile tool for various terrains. Its dual high-torque motors and high-density rubber tires allow it to handle paved roads, cement, grass, gravel, tree roots, and trails with ease.

On beaches, the e-Wagon Ultra will perform well on packed sand. However, it may struggle in loose sand. The e-Wagon Ultra does not currently allow for tire changes. The high-density rubber tires, while versatile, cannot offer the same level of traction as specialized beach tires designed for soft surfaces. Air balloon tires can be inflated to increase their surface area, providing better grip and less ground pressure on the sand, but are not ideal for other terrains.

We recomend to consider your primary use cases before purchasing the e-Wagon Ultra. If you frequently need to navigate loose sand, you might want to consider other options with specialized tires designed for beach use.

The Outisan e-Wagon Ultra stands out from traditional utility wagons due to its various groundbreaking innovations:

  • Industry Pioneer: Outisan is the first brand to successfully reimagine and modernize the utility wagon. We've made significant, patent-pending advancements in electric control systems, battery technology, mechanical design, and dynamic functionality – features unique to the Outisan e-Wagon Ultra.
  • Power and Ease: Our dual high-torque motors make hauling up to 200 pounds of cargo feel effortless, even on tough terrain or 15-degree inclines, but yet quiet. This power translates into ease of use and less strain on the user.
  • Seamless Experience: The proprietary Flowstride technology ensures a smooth user experience. The wagon intelligently adapts to your walking speed, eliminating the need for constant adjustments.
  • Safety First: We've integrated features like activation protection, downhill speed control, a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS), and more to prioritize user safety.
  • Robust Construction: It features a reinforced body frame architecture and durable materials designed to endure the most challenging terrains, and its IP66 waterproof rating ensures resilience in all weather conditions,
  • Rigorous Testing: To guarantee quality and durability, we subject the e-Wagon Ultra to over 100 rigorous tests, far exceeding industry standards, allowing the e-Wagon Ultra to handle even the most demanding environments.

These innovations offer a level of performance and user experience simply not found in any other conventional utility wagons or relatively cheaper electrical wagons. If you require a powerful, modern solution for heavy-duty cargo transport across various terrains, the investment in an Outisan e-Wagon Ultra will be well worth its price.

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