Outisan e-Wagon

The Story Behind the World's First Electric Utility Wagon

The Outisan e-Wagon is the world's first electric utility wagon that makes it easy to carry your gear anywhere. Join us as we take a look at the inspiration behind the product, discover who it's made for, and get to know the team behind it.
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The Outisan e-Wagon is the world's first electric utility wagon that makes it easy to carry your gear anywhere. Join us as we take a look at the inspiration behind the product, discover who it's made for, and get to know the team behind it.

We're unsatisfied. And you probably are too. Outdoor products have become generic, boring even. So we’ve decided to do something about it. At Outisan, whether you're a natural-born adventurer or a weekend wildling, we create and design products that make the great outdoors accessible. Our craft — every stitch of the Outisan DNA is a celebration of the wild and wonderful moments that Mother Nature gifts us. So whether you want to feel at home in the wild or bringing a touch of nature to your doorstep, we're here to shake things up, for good.


Why did we create the e-Wagon?

Anyone who has braved the outdoors with a ton of gear knows that it's not easy. Equipment is heavy, surfaces are uneven, and sometimes it feels like you're battling nature just to get from A to B. Here are three reasons why we created the e-Wagon:
Going outdoors shouldn't be a hassle
There's something about stepping out into a new adventure with fresh air hitting your nostrils that never gets old. What does get old (and tiring) is carrying around heavy equipment. That's something the whole Outisan team resonates with. We're a lively bunch of outdoor enthusiasts and consumer electronic experts. So when we got together, we spent days huddled around sharing our collective experiences in the wild. And that's when it dawned on us. There was a huge gap in the market for a utility wagon, one that made it effortless to carry all your gear.

Going uphill and downhill
If you're living in a relatively flat area, a conventional utility wagon is a palatable solution at best. But what happens when your terrain is uneven and full of hills? It not only gets tricky, it can also be a bit unsafe to carry so much weight downhill. We dread those hot days when we've had to lug around equipment under the blazing sun. For some, the solution to this may be bringing less equipment, but we don't think limiting any experience is a good option. We wanted to create a product that allows everyone to experience the outdoors in their own unique way.

Something for everyone
We don't hate conventional utility wagons, we just think they could be better. We wanted to create a utility wagon that combines traditional tried-and-tested tech with with modern innovation. We believe this combination offers the best product experience for outdoor lovers. Something that's simple, easy to use, and gets the job done. Plus, there's already e-bikes and e-scooters on the market. So why not make an electric utility wagon? e-xactly.

Who did we have in mind when designing the e-Wagon? 

We had a long hard think about who would be using our product, so we could develop solutions that fit their experiences. Some of our team have young families, and they often go out together on the weekend. The others are young professionals who like to travel, play sports, and do a spot of gardening when the suns out. We combined the experiences of our team and in-depth market research about conventional utility wagons. After completing this research, it was clear to us that the e-Wagon should cover a wide target market, since everyone could do with a helping hand when carrying items around. So we started to delve into this a bit more. As it turns out, the one common denominator among us all, whichever walk of life we come from, is that we're all looking for a hassle-free experience when carrying our gear. From the get go, we knew we had to create a product that improved the experience of a wide market.

What challenges did we face?

As the age-old adage goes, if it's easy it's not worth doing. And we certainly faced our fair share of hiccups on the way. With a product that stands at the forefront of innovation, we have to find a balance between user experience, production costs, quality control, and supply chain management. Pretty much all the nitty gritty details that must brands don't talk about. But we like to talk about these things since we strongly believe in transparency. So here's a few challenges we faced along the way:

Time consuming
Don't get us wrong, we don't mean this in a negative way. It's just we were so geared up to go from the very beginning. We believe the e-Wagon will truly make the great outdoors an experience to remember for you all. During this process, we had to juggle a lot of different factors, which took a long time since nobody else had done it before. We led the way with this one.

Getting others onboard
So here's the thing. As a startup, we have been dreaming about getting this project running. But with all things like this, it's hard to predict how many orders we'd get. When we encountered this issue, we were met with yet another challenge. Suppliers were initially reluctant to invest their time and explore options with us. After all, in their eyes, we're just another startup with a dream that's bigger than our actual order list. So we spent a lot of time finding the right suppliers that didn't compromise on our big ideas or our attention to detail.

Who's interested?
Along with securing our suppliers and building up a team of industry experts, another challenge we faced was price and market validation. With huge research and development costs, and without a mature supply chain, pricing the e-Wagon was a difficult and long thought-out process. We spent countless days drawing pros and cons, finding a balance between user value, our investments, and what the market needed.

So how did we overcome the challenges? 


Starting with why
It all comes down to why we exist as a brand. The very reason why we develop products. Drawing inspiration from our brand vision, we asked ourselves whether an electric utility wagon was truly a solution that would make the great outdoors accessible. And the simple answer is YES. We heard from many of you; unique stories from around the world that inspired us to keep going. Whether you're working remotely, taking your kids to sports practice, or enjoying the wild with your loved ones, we have been incredibly happy to listen to all of your stories. We're on the path, we know where we're going, and most importantly, we know why. This continues to drive us in every direction we take.
Sharing a common cause
The Outisan DNA is in everything we do. Every stitch, every corner, every edge is designed to make the great outdoors more accessible. We've had many industry experts onboard with this project because, they too, believe in what we're doing. Good products speak. Good products tackle user pain points. Good products produce meaningful conversations.

We're proud to bring you the e-Wagon!

The world's first electric utility wagon is a solution that makes carrying your gear outdoors a walk in the park. In addition to FlowStride, our proprietary tech that gives you an electric power assist, the e-Wagon comes with all-terrains wheels, downhill speed control, a smart handle system, detachable and rechargeable battery, foldable design, IP66-rated components, and so much more!